Just Legalize it Already!

Medical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle

Over 100 marijuana-legalization advocates visited Washington to lobby lawmakers on the legalization of marijuana regardless of the increase of Americans supporting the legalization for medical purposes.

Is prohibiting the recreational usage of marijuana really doing anything positive for the nation? No! Marijuana prohibition is only hurting the country financially and physically.

Health Care in this country is expensive enough and the strongest argument for the legalization of marijuana is that it can be used for medicinal purposes. It can assist in treatment for many different diseases such as cancer, to help reduce vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy, glaucoma, to reduce pressure in the eye, and asthma, to aid in opening up the lungs. According to it’s norml.org a national organization for the reform of marijuana laws.

The more readily available this drug is the better it is for the population’s health and financial standing.

“I have glaucoma in my left eye and the medication that my eye doctor prescribed to me is a .8 ounce eye drop that cost $150 dollars, with health insurance backing me. Says James Bunsen, a patient suffering from glaucoma. “It feels like acid in my eye when I take it. I’d rather smoke marijuana because it’s cheaper and I have actually seen improvements in my eyesight.”

Legalizing marijuana means we can treat the problem of drug abuse as a medical issue rather than criminal one. The United States government spends an estimated $10 billion dollars a year in its attempts to keep Marijuana off the street, while the State of California has revenue of 14 billion annually for harvesting medicinal marijuana. According to norml.com

Many, including the Food and Drug Administration, believe that marijuana is a gateway drug toward other harder, damaging substances like heroin and cocaine. These drugs are extremely dangerous and harmful to the body.

Addiction is a disease and should be psychologically treated on its own. The United States Government could easily boost the economy by creating jobs in an individual branch that regulates the recreational use of marijuana. The United States already has enough problems — we need some solutions, and legalizing marijuana is a solution.




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